Anti-Counterfeiting(偽造品の取引防止) 商標_動画(embedded)vol.1


偽造品の取引の防止に関する協定(Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement、ACTA)を日本は2013年に批准していますが、国際的には未だ発効までは進んでいない状況です。このページでは偽造品防止関係の動画をいくつか挙げています。
1.ACRIS – Anti-Counterfeiting Rapid Intelligence System、3:08 
ACRIS, created by EUIPO in cooperation with the European Commission, (DG Trade), is an application for collecting testimonies from EU companies affected by IP infringements.

ACRIS – Anti-Counterfeiting Rapid Intelligence System
2.Science of Innovation — Anti-Counterfeiting、5:50 
Electronics, apparel, and pharmaceuticals are only some of the products counterfeiters try to fake. ”ナノダグ”について紹介しています。
Science of Innovation -- Anti-Counterfeiting
3.Freej – Let’s be partners, anti-counterfeiting cartoon、INTERPOL、3:43
Freej - Let's be partners, anti-counterfeiting cartoon

偽造品の取り締まり News 商標_動画(リンク)
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

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