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IPKey SEA 動画

#IPKeySEA: Business briefing on Vietnam’s revised IP Law” #IPKeySEA: ベトナムの改正知的財産法に関するビジネス説明会」IPKey SEA 動画

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IP Key South-East Asia is designed to support the interests of the European Union by helping countries address specific emerging challenges in the area of IP. IP Key South-East Asia is directed by the European Commission and implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


IPKey 商標_動画(embedded/playlist) vol.10


IP Key SEA – Workshop to Enhance Geographical Indications Systems
1)IP Key SEA – Geographical Indications and the Economic Value to the European Union
2)IP Key SEA- Geographical Indications for Craft and Industrial Products: Proposal for a New EU Scheme
3)IP Key SEA – GIview
4)IP Key SEA – Main Features of Malaysia’s Geographical Indications Act 2022
5)IP Key SEA – Developing A Sui Generis GI System in the Philippines: Support to Rural Communities
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SEAはSouth East Asiaの略です。#IPKeySEA explains ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ 1.IPKey SEA – What is a trade secret?, 2.IPKey SEA – Making independent music in Vietnam during the rise of international streaming platforms, 3.IPKey SEA – Protecting artists rights & developing marketing plans to help Vietnamese music industry, IPKey SEA – Gaining more listeners locally and internationally while having artists rights protected

ipkey South East Asia
IP Key SEA – Trade secrets

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IPKey 商標_動画(embedded) vol.2


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