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China IPR SME Helpdesk 動画

1, IP protection for European startups doing business in China, 1:09:33

IP protection for European startups doing business in China

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商標登録insideNews: Manolo Blahnik wins decades-long trademark battle in China | The Guardian

マノロブラニク 商標権めぐり中国で勝訴

The British company says it will expand into mainland China in the near future after succeeding in the 22-year legal fight. Manolo Blahnik, the shoe brand made famous by its celebrity fans and regular appearances in TV drama Sex and the City, says it has won a legal battle in China to use its own name, paving the way for the brand’s expansion across the country.
The British company, named after its Spanish founder, said in a statement on Tuesday that the judgment was handed down by the supreme people’s court of China last month, marking the culmination of a long-running legal battle.

情報源: Manolo Blahnik wins decades-long trademark battle in China | Manolo Blahnik | The Guardian

【7月20日 AFP】英高級靴ブランド「マノロブラニク(Manolo Blahnik)」は19日、22年に及ぶ中国での商標権をめぐる裁判で、最高人民法院(最高裁)が同社の訴えを認める判決を下したと発表した。

情報源: 英高級靴「マノロブラニク」、商標権めぐり勝訴 中国(マノロブラニク 商標):AFPBB News

マノロ・ブラニク (Manolo Blahnik)は、イギリス発の同名のデザイナーによって1972年に設立された高価格帯の靴のブランドで“靴のロールス・ロイス”や“靴の王様”などの呼び名ももちます。ダイアナ妃やカイリー・ミノーグ、マドンナなどが履いたことで有名でテレビドラマシリーズ『セックス・アンド・ザ・シティにもしばしば登場しました。主人公のキャリーがマノロ・ブラニクの靴の大ファンで、この高価な靴を大量に衝動買いして破産の危機に陥るエピソードもありました。(Wikipediaより)

Manolo Blahnik Men’s Mayfair Boutique, 0:32 マノロブラニク 商標

Manolo Blahnik Men's Mayfair Boutique

中国ブランド関連news CGTN 商標_動画(リンク)

マノロブラニク 商標

商標登録insideNews: 中国の「讃岐牛」商標登録が棄却|NHK 香川県 NEWSWEB



情報源: 中国の「讃岐牛」商標登録が棄却|NHK 香川県のニュース

香川 地域ブランド・商標登録 全国ご当地名産品 vol.37

商標登録insideNews: Metaverse Trademark Applications Reach 16,000 in China

Metaverse TM Filings Reach 16,000 in China

In an interview with The Paper on Monday, the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) said that the country has seen 16,000 trademark applications filed, encapsulating the term ‘metaverse.’The CNIPA has strictly opposed malicious trademark registrations, especially if the company is trying to hoard trademarks without apparent purpose for use.

情報源: Metaverse Trademark Applications Reach 16,000 in China

Metaverse china

商標登録insideNews: Chinese Government Rejects Metaverse Trademark Applications |

中国知的財産関連news CGTN vol.10 商標_動画(embedded)


1. WIPO Director General Daren Tang on the role of IP protection in sports, 2:09

WIPO Director General Daren Tang on the role of IP protection in sports


中国知的財産関連news CGTN vol.9 商標_動画(embedded)

商標登録insideNews: 中国にあふれる偽「K-Food」、韓国企業が共同で訴訟へ=韓国ネット「パクりが伝統文化?」| エキサイトニュース


情報源: 中国にあふれる偽「K-Food」、韓国企業が共同で訴訟へ=韓国ネット「パクりが伝統文化?」 (2022年1月6日) – エキサイトニュース



한국식품산업협회, 中 모조품 대응을 통한 지식재산권 수호에 나서다 한국식품산업협회(회장 이효율, 이하 ‘협회’)는 식품산업계  선도기업인 ㈜삼양식품, CJ제일제당㈜, 대상㈜, ㈜오뚜기와 함께 K-food 모조품 근절을 위한 공동협의체를 구성, 중국 최대 K-food 모조품 생산ㆍ유통기업인 청도태양초식품 등을 상대로 IP(지식재산권) 소송을 제기했다.○ 지금까지 각 개별기업이 중국 현지에서 모조품 및 위조품에 대한 행정단속을 시도한 적은 있었으나, 공동으로 상표권 등 침해소송을 진행하는 것은 이번이 첫 사례이다. 이번 소송은 효율적인 추진을 위해 특허청 및 한국지식재산보호원의 협조를 받아 진행되었다.

情報源: 한국식품산업협회



情報源: 多間南韓食品企業首度聯合在內地提商標訴訟 | Now 新聞

商標登録insideNews: Brands Should Consider China in Metaverse Strategy Even if Beijing Takes Tough Stance | The Fashion Law

A consideration of China makes sense as companies rush to hedge their bets when it comes to the metaverse and their valuable trademarks.

情報源: Brands Should Consider China in Metaverse Strategy Even if Beijing Takes Tough Stance – The Fashion Law

To date, most Western brands have focused primarily on the U.S. and the European Union, filing for a mix of classes of goods/services to cover their largely-prospective metaverse activities, namely class 9 (“downloadable virtual goods”); 35 (“retail store services featuring virtual goods”); and 41 (“entertainment services, namely, providing on-line, non-downloadable [goods] … for use in virtual environments”). But also, 42 in some cases (“non-downloadable computer software” and “non-fungible tokens”), and in a small number of cases, 25 (including “virtual clothing” alongside the traditional physical apparel that falls in this class of goods).

Dr. Martens, for instance, filed applications in classes 9 and 35 for its name and logo with the EUIPO last month. Tommy Hilfiger has filed applications with the same trademark office for marks like Tommyverse and Tommy World in the EU in classes 9, 25, 35, 41, and 42. Cosmetics and beauty companies like L’Oreal, NYX, Maybelline, Skinceuticals, and MAC, among others, have filed applications in a number of these classes in the EUIPO. And Allbirds lodged an international application with the World Intellectual Property Office in November after filing in the U.S.

virtual space00

商標登録insideNews: ナイキ、メタバース時代に備え商標保護とデジタル商品開発への対応着々 – Engadget 日本版

商標登録insideNews:「小室圭」が中国で商標登録申請されていた おむつや芳香剤で使用予定 | Yahoo!ニュース


情報源: 「小室圭」が中国で商標登録申請されていた おむつや芳香剤で使用予定(NEWSポストセブン) – Yahoo!ニュース

続きを読む“商標登録insideNews:「小室圭」が中国で商標登録申請されていた おむつや芳香剤で使用予定 | Yahoo!ニュース”

商標登録insideNews: CNIPA Guidelines for Trademark Examination and Trial |

China’s National Intellectual Property Administration  (CNIPA) released the Guidelines for Trademark Examination and Trial (商标审查审理指南) on November 22, 2021, effective January 1, 2022.  The Guidelines, which are somewhat analogous to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s (USPTO’s) Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure, explains the Trademark Law’s Article 4, which states, in part, “malicious trademark registration applications that are not intended for use shall be rejected” by providing 10 factors to identify malicious applications.

情報源: CNIPA Guidelines for Trademark Examination and Trial


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