Trademark Clearinghouse 商標_動画(embedded)vol.1

新gTLD video

1.新gTLDの内の.insuranceの紹介 サンライズ期間は6月8日まで。2:16 新gTLD video

.INSURANCE : Trademark priority registration (extended)

2. 新gTLDの内の.storeの紹介 サンライズ期間は6月5日まで。

.STORE: Trademark priority registration (extended)

3. 新gTLDの内の.globalの紹介

Trademark Registration in .GLOBAL

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新gTLDs環境での商標保護パターン:  – World Trademark Review

The Sunrise Period is a period during which only rights holders of registered trademarks or trademark holders registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) are given priority to register domain names.

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