商標登録insideNews: Chinese companies rush to register ‘Mbappe’ trademark – Global Times

Dozens of Chinese companies and individuals have applied to trademark the name of French soccer star Kylian Mbappe, aiming to capitalize on the young athlete’s fame after he led his team to victory in the 2018 World Cup held in Russia, but experts warned of potential legal troubles arising from indiscriminate trademark filings.

情報源: Chinese companies rush to register ‘Mbappe’ trademark – Global Times

Global Innovation Index 2018関連ニュース 商標_動画(embedded)

1.China ranks 17th on Global Innovation Index 2018、2:02

2.China in top 20 most innovative economies、5:02

3.UAE ranked most innovative country in the Arab world、0:49

4.Việt Nam tiếp tục cải thiện chỉ số đổi mới sáng tạo toàn cầu、3:00

5.90 seconds @ 9am : NZ slips in innovation rankings, 2:54

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PrintNEW YORK–China joined the world’s top 20 most innovative economies for the first time while the United States fell out of the five top-ranked countries, according to a report released Tuesday by one of its co-sponsors, the U.N. intellectual property agency.The Global Innovation Index 2018 keeps Switzerland in the No. 1 spot, followed by the Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and Singapore. The United States fell from fourth place in 2017 to sixth this year, while China jumped from 22nd to 17th in the rankings. Japan is ranked No.13.

情報源: China joins 20 most innovative economies, U.S. falls to No. 6:The Asahi Shimbun

商標登録insideNews: 「佳子さまのおむつ」を商標登録した中国企業に直撃!

あらゆる商品からアニメのキャラクターまで、中国による“商標横取り”の事例は枚挙に暇がないが、なんと日本の皇族の名前までもが中国で商標登録されていた。 中国の特許庁に相当する「国家工商行政管理総局」公式ホームページで、登録済み商標のページを見ると、そこには「佳子

情報源: 「佳子さまのおむつ」を商標登録した中国企業に直撃!

申请/注册号 17179809 申请日期 2015年06月11日 国际分类 5
申请人名称(中文) 福建蓝蜻蜓护理用品股份公司
申请人地址(中文) 福建省泉州市洛江区罗溪蓝蜻蜓工业园
初审公告期号 1504 注册公告期号 1516 是否共有商标 否
初审公告日期 2016年05月20日 注册公告日期 2016年08月21日 商标类型 一般
专用权期限 2016年08月21日 至 2026年08月20日
代理/办理机构 泉州市丰泽区锐点商标代理有限公司
商品/服务 婴儿尿布; 婴儿尿裤; 消毒纸巾; 补药; 婴儿食品; 净化剂; 医用棉; 卫生内裤; 卫生垫; 牙用光洁剂; 查看详细信息
类似群 0501;0502;0503;0506;0507;


商标状态图标 LIVE/REGISTRATION/Issued and Active

デンマーク特許商標庁(DKPTO) vol.4 商標_動画(embedded)

1.Vejen til Kina、2:57

2.Patent- og Varemærkestyrelsen i Brasilien
ブラジルでの活動については、同僚Janne Hedegaardへ

Flood of Trademark Applications From China Alarms U.S. Officials – WSJ

The surge of filings from China has surprised the patent office. Officials say it could be fueled by cash subsidies that Chinese municipal governments are offering to citizens who register a trademark in a foreign country. Trademark applications from China have grown more than 12-fold since 2013 and for fiscal 2017 totaled thousands more than the combined filings from Canada, Germany and the U.K. About one in every nine trademark applications reviewed by the U.S. agency is China-based, according to governm

情報源: Flood of Trademark Applications From China Alarms U.S. Officials – WSJ

商標登録insideNews: コーセー、「雪肌精」「SEKKISEI」が中国で馳名商標に認定 – 週刊粧業オンライン


情報源: コーセー、「雪肌精」「SEKKISEI」が中国で馳名商標に認定 – 化粧品業界人必読!週刊粧業オンライン

【ドキュメンタリー】雪肌精 母娘のきずな|Documentary movie First Dance of a Maiko

商標登録insideNews: China’s Top Court Rules for Dior in Trademark Case | News & Analysis | BoF

The ruling comes as Beijing looks to play up its credentials for protecting intellectual property rights, after being stung by criticism that it does not do enough to protect against IP infringement.

情報源: China’s Top Court Rules for Dior in Trademark Case | News & Analysis | BoF

商標登録insideNews: “中華ウルトラマン”と断固戦う円谷プロ 中国側は身勝手に正当化 – 産経ニュース


情報源: “中華ウルトラマン”と断固戦う円谷プロ 中国側は身勝手に正当化(1/3ページ) – 産経ニュース

《钢铁飞龙之再见奥特曼》Dragon Force Movie ‖ 定档预告 大张伟变“地球大使”配音奥特曼

中国ブランド関連news CGTN vol.3 商標_動画(embedded)

1.China must enhance intellectual property rights protection、4:14

2.IPR protection and technology transfer: Enabling access for an innovative China、3:13

3.WeChat to further crack down on counterfeiting、1:35


情報源: 申长雨在全国两会“部长通道”接受媒体采访(附视频) — 国家知识产权局

商標登録insideNews: The State Intellectual Property Office of China will be restructured – Lexology

To solve the problem of separate management and repeated law enforcement on patent and trademark, as well as to improve the intellectual property management system, the Reform Plan proposes to restructure the State Intellectual Property Office by integrating the duties of the State Intellectual Property Office, the duties of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in the area of trademark management and the duties of the State Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in t

情報源: The State Intellectual Property Office of China will be restructured – Lexology


商標登録insideNews: 河南省首个知识产权法庭挂牌-新华网


情報源: 河南省首个知识产权法庭挂牌-新华网


商標登録insideNews: 天津市第三中级人民法院和天津知识产权法庭挂牌-天津法院网


情報源: 天津市第三中级人民法院和天津知识产权法庭挂牌-天津法院网