Global Innovation Index 2018関連ニュース 商標_動画(embedded)

1.China ranks 17th on Global Innovation Index 2018、2:02

2.China in top 20 most innovative economies、5:02

3.UAE ranked most innovative country in the Arab world、0:49

4.Việt Nam tiếp tục cải thiện chỉ số đổi mới sáng tạo toàn cầu、3:00

5.90 seconds @ 9am : NZ slips in innovation rankings, 2:54

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PrintNEW YORK–China joined the world’s top 20 most innovative economies for the first time while the United States fell out of the five top-ranked countries, according to a report released Tuesday by one of its co-sponsors, the U.N. intellectual property agency.The Global Innovation Index 2018 keeps Switzerland in the No. 1 spot, followed by the Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and Singapore. The United States fell from fourth place in 2017 to sixth this year, while China jumped from 22nd to 17th in the rankings. Japan is ranked No.13.

情報源: China joins 20 most innovative economies, U.S. falls to No. 6:The Asahi Shimbun

偽造品の取り締まり News 商標_動画(リンク)

Authorities Crack Down on Alleged Counterfeit Laundry Detergent

Dubai Customs battle against counterfeit goods

Los Angeles Authorities’ Counterfeit Crusade

アラブ首長国連邦・経済省  商標_動画(リンク)

التطبيق الذكي لوزارة الاقتصادفلم تتعريفي عن خدمة ادارة العلامات التجارية

التطبيق الذكي لوزارة الاقتصادفلم تعريفي عن خدمة تسجيل المصنفات الفكرية,
An orientation video about Registration of intellectual copyright service

التطبيق الذكي لوزارة الاقتصادفلم تعريفي عن الية تسجيل براءة اختراع

アラブ首長国連邦経済省Minister of Economy, United Arab Emirates